sabato 17 settembre 2011

Spirit of october (ceruleanvii)

The spirit of october (ceruleanvii)
I really love the colors of this!

mercoledì 14 settembre 2011

Character - Hellbreed browser game concept art, magic user fighting undeads

A magic user fighting some undeads in new hack & slash browser game Hellbreed - Image by Velinov

domenica 4 settembre 2011

Monkey King (saryth)

Monkey King (saryth)

“ Journey to the West ” are the great fantastic adventure stories. Be fully of a deva, god, angel, mara, demon, devil and etc. as symbol of godnes and badness. The routh march journey for Tripitaka ( Buddhist Scriptures ) be like a diligent goal of living.

Journey to the West is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature. It was written by Wu Cheng'en and published in the 1590s during the Ming Dynasty. In English-speaking countries, the tale is also often known simply as Monkey. This was one title used for a popular, abridged translation by Arthur Waley. The Waley translation has also been published as Adventures of the Monkey God, Monkey:  Folk Novel of China, and The Adventures of Monkey, and in a further abridged version for children, Dear Monkey.

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